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I recently purchased NATURAL SEA’s Canned Wild Salmon (Cooked with Skin and Bones) UNSALTED and/or SALTED and notice that the sodium content is very high! Is something wrong?


Unfortunately, yes, your eyes are not deceiving you! A recent packaging production run printed with some errors, however, the product inside has not been affected.

The UNSALTED (UPC 0-42563-00305-0) variety suggests a 50g sodium content per serving – this should read 50mg. The ingredient section also lists “salt” as an ingredient. While salmon contains sodium naturally, there is NO ADDED SALT to this item.

The SALTED (UPC 0-42563-00300-5) variety suggests a 300g sodium content per serving – this should read 300mg.

We apologize for the confusion! All future packaging will be corrected.

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